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The Site Administration area is available for Administrator users or users that have been given permissions to access particular areas contained within the Site Administration areas. All of the general settings and options for all features can be found within this area, while also allowing quick access for Administrator users to key areas of importance for uses such as:

  • User Management
  • Course Management
  • Layout Setup
  • Reporting Purposes

Important Note

Please note that this area should only be accessible for use by a responsible employee and that all care should be taken accessing areas you do not fully understand.

Site Admninistration Button

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The Button for the Site Administration Area can be found within the Sliding Nav-Drawer at the very bottom for Site Administrators or users with added permissions required to access areas located within, such as Reporting.

Site Administration Menu

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The Site Administration Area consists of multiple Tabs that can be selected to navigate and find areas corresponding to the parent Tab area.

Site Administration Tabs

The most useful areas that you may find yourself typically using will be Site Administration area for Badges, Users area for managing all of your user data held on accounts, Courses to allow you to manage the content on your site and create new courses and add them to the dashboard area to be accessed and the Reports area to enable system Administrators and Managers with the reporting permission active.

The Navigation Tab Areas that exist within the Site Administration are as follows:

Site Administration

The "Site Administration" tab within the Site Administration area houses site-wide general settings that allow you to create Badges for use on the site as well as other areas for very particular uses.

This area manages all of the users on the system, you will be able to Create, Edit, Suspend and Delete users from within particular areas of the "Users" tab. You can create custom Profile Fields and manage the data held on a users account, while also being able to set what account on the system has Administrator permissions.
This area allows a Admin to Create, Edit and Delete Course from the system, while also enabling access into any Course that exists on the system and deciding what is visible on users Dashboards to access.
This area manages the Grade functions on the site, typically Grades are used more within a Academic setting for manual grading and setting scales for automatic grade awarding based on Teacher interaction and marking. (This is not used by Organisations we support and is not covered through training by the CLC)
This area contains and allows access into all of the custom and default Features in use on system, we recommend not to alter any specific settings unless you are absolutely confident with the changes that you make within this area.
This area manages all of the aesthetics related to your site, such examples of options that can be customised are for the theme options, logos and custom colours, while also including the login page settings that can be altered.
This area displays the Server infrastructure settings and automated processes that run in the background of your system to keep everything working correctly, we highly recommend that no changes are made within any of these area.
This area allows Administrators and Managers with the correct permissions to access Reports from different sets of data generated through user interaction on the system, typically data dies not exist unless the user has been active and created new data through interaction with different activity types within Courses.
This area contains additional testing and system functions, again, we recommend that none of these areas are altered or used unless you know exactly what it is you are doing before altering the default settings.

Important Note

Moodle Quiz activities will not track learner data from a Administrator Account, these are typically used within MicroLearn Courses. We recommend if a Administrator users needs to complete these activity modules then a colleague removes them from Administrator temporarily or that you have a separate learner account.

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