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RoadMap Plugin Area

The RoadMap Plugin area is the largest area of the Dashboard and is what controls the Course Distribution, Banner Images, Text areas, Additional Search Bar and many other functions that controls all of the centre area of the Dashboard page itself.

The RoadMap Area will only show Courses that you have physically added into "Sections" and enabled to be visible on the Dashboard itself, this means by default Courses on the site are not visible to your users and that you can determine the layout and what you are allowing users to access on your system.

This can be managed by heading to:

Site Administration > Courses > RoadMap > Manage Layout

Within the Manage Layout Area you can decide if you wish to add a banner image to the top of your Course Area, while also being able to add a text section to provide instruction for your users to follow in order to use the site, while then creating Sections for Courses to be either distributed to all users or just specific groups of users.

This is covered more within the "Manage Layout" Solutions Article.

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