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Private Files

The Private Files area within the Sliding Navigation Drawer is a personal repository for individual user accounts on the site, this means that users can upload files for only themselves to view, download or delete.

The Button on the left appears within the Sliding Navigation Drawer and allows user access to their own personal repository.

Important Note: This area can be removed from appearing within the Sliding Navigation Drawer if you feel there is no use for users to be uploading personal files to the site.

To remove the "Private Files" button please follow the steps very carefully as if done incorrectly can cause quite serious issues:

Step 1 - Head to "Site Administration > Users > Permissions > Define Roles

Step 2 - Within this area you will need to click on the "Cog" icon next to the role "Authenticated Users"

Step 3 - You will need to ensure the "Show Advanced" button is active for the settings

Step 4 - You will need to alter some permissions, we recommend using your keyboard (Ctrl +F) search function to find these specific permissions.

Step 5 - The first permission to set to "Prevent" > 'moodle/user:manageownfiles'

Step 6 - The second permission to set to "Prevent" > 'repository/user:view'

Step 7 - Ensure you save the updated permissions

This will have now changed the ability for standard users to view the "Private Files" area within the Sliding Navigation Drawer, please repeat the steps if you also need to hide this area from your Managers with the custom role used at the bottom of the role list called "Reporting Access/Hierarchy Manager".

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