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How to Add a Quiz to Course


The Quiz activity is a very diverse tool that allows for a wide range of functionality for various requirements. The activity allows for multiple questions to be posed to users, and then record the answers as well as providing feedback to the users based on their answers. This document will show you how to setup a basic quiz, and add various types of question.

Adding a New Quiz Activity

To add an activity to a course, you must always ensure editing is turned on. See - Basic Course Editing

Step 1 - Add an Activity or Resource

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Select the 'Add an Activity or Resource' option located from within your chosen topic.

Step 2 - Select the Activity

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Select Quiz from the list of options, and click add to begin setup.

Step 3 - Activity Setup


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  • Enter your desired Quiz name. This will be how the Quiz activity is displayed on the course page.

  • Enter a description. This description will be displayed when you click on the activity, or displayed on the course page if the option is selected.


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Grade to pass is the only option that is required to be set for a user to complete the activity. We recommend that you have 1 mark/grade point per correct answer. Therefore Grade to Pass should be set with this in mind. eg 5.00 to pass if there are 5 correct answers in your quiz.

Activity Completion

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Activity Completion determines at what tracking is enabled on an activity, and at what point that particular activity gets given a tick on the course page.

Quiz activities will output a grade based on a users interaction. Using the required grade, these settings will give a user a tick in the completion box on the course page based on their efforts.

Step 4 - Save and Return

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Once you have saved and returned to the course page, the activity will appear on your course page.

Adding/Editing Quiz Questions

Step 1 - Edit Quiz

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Click on the activity on your course page, and click the Edit Quiz option located in the centre of your page. Alternatively, click on the cog to the top right, and select Edit Quiz from the list.

Step 2 - Adding a Question

Add New Question

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Quiz questions can be created through a quiz activity.

To add a question to the quiz, simply click the 'Add' option and select 'A New Question'. Any questions that are created will be stored in the quiz library so that they can be used again.

Add From Question Bank

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After you have created a question, they will be stored in the respective question bank category. You can then select available questions into your quiz.

Add Random Question

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Adding a random question will give the user a random question from the list of availible questions


Step 3 - Select the Question Type

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Select which question you would like to add from the list, and click add.

Multiple choice is one of the most used question types.

How to setup further types of questions *COMING SOON*

Step 4 - Multiple Choice Setup

General - Part 1

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  • Category will select where the question is saved, and which question bank it is accessible from. The default is course. This makes the question is accessible from any quiz from within that particular course.

  • Question Name is how the question is saved in the question bank. Ensure to make this logical and coherent so you are easily able to find the question again.

  • Question Text is where you will pose your question. This can be done either in text or other methods using HTML.

  • Default Mark will be the total marks for the question. Our recommendation is that you have 1 mark per correct answer in each question.

General - Part 2

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  • General Feedback will be displayed when the question is being reviewed. Although this area could be left blank, a good use may be to add some additional information about the topic relating to your question.

  • One or Multiple Answers allows for you to have one or more answers. 

  • Shuffle Choices will ensure the answers to the question and ordered differently each time a user attempts the question.

  • Number the Choices in any way that best suits your layout and question style.


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  • Choice will be the option a user can pick in answer to the question. By not including a value in a choice area will ensure they do not appear in the list of options on the question.

  • Feedback will be given per answer to a user when they have submitted an answer.

  • Grade setup will change based on whether or not you have allowed for One or Multiple Answers:

  • One answer allowed - The Correct answer needs to be set to 100%. | Incorrect answers need to be left set at None. 

  • Multiple answers allowed - The Correct answers need to have a percentage based on the number of correct answers that there is. (eg. 2 correct answers = 50% per correct answer) | Incorrect answers in this case will need to be a negative percentage either proportional to each correct answer, or -100% to remove all correct marks.

Combined Feedback

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The Combined Feedback will appear in the feedback of each answered question.

Save Changes

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Click Save Changes and continue adding additional required questions.

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