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Basic Course Editing


There are a number of pre-built courses on your site from MicroLearn and Learning Heroes. All of these courses will work without the need to make any changes. However, should you wish, you are able to edit them in any way you would like. You may also want to edit a new course that you have just created. This article will give you the skills needed to preform basic edits to an existing course and set the course up ready to add new Activities or Resources.

Turning Editing On

In order to begin making changes to any course, you will first need to ensure Editing is turned on.

Step 1 - Cog

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To turn editing on from within a course, you must Click on the Cog symbol to the top right of the course page.

Step 2 - Click Turn Editing on

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Select the 'Turn Editing On' option from the list.


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When editing is turned on, edit buttons will appear around your page.

Moving or Renaming a Topic or Activity

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To rename an area, select the pencil icon to the right of the name. Once complete, hit your enter key to save.

To move a topic or an activity on a course page, you are able to use the four-way arrow in order to drag and reposition the given element.

You are also able to click on the four-way arrow in order to select which area of the page you would like the element moving to.

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