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Hierarchies - An Introduction

Hierarchies is a universal tool designed to enable any type of organisation to allow their managers to view their learners with ease.

By entering your organisations hierarchy fields the platform will dynamically create a structure for the permissions. Using a "retail store" example the categories could be: "Company", "Region", "Branch", "Department". managers are then able to report on the progress of their own team members, whilst a site administrator would still be able to run reports on all users.

By default, all Site Administrators can access the reporting section and return results for all users, for all courses. However, using Hierarchies, you can create a Manager/Supervisory role within the platform that will allow access to reporting. Using this method, the results are 'pre-filtered' so that only the team members relevant to the Manager are shown.

In the CLC RoadMap platform (Released late 2016) there is a secondary function of Hierarchies which allows you to define what courses are available to learners  based on where they fit in your Company Hierarchy. As as simple example, it may be that you have different Departments or Teams. Using Hierarchies you can set the system to show a different set of courses to the members of one department to what's shown to the members of another department.

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