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User Logs, Course Logs & Site Logs


The system allows multiple ways to view and also download a list of user logs and interaction events that have taken place on your site, these can range from user interaction, to also show Admin tasks for creating, deleting and editing users and Courses. There are 3 different ways that you can access the logs to view these events, while only 1 of these areas allows the downloading of the log history onto a csv Excel spreadsheet.

Depending on where you access the logs from will dictate what you are currently able to view, these vary from accessing a users account and only viewing the individual users interaction with the whole system, another is by accessing a particular Course and then viewing the logs for all interactions specifically for the Course or by accessing the site wide area and applying your own filters and also downloading if necessary.

User Logs Area

How to Access

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The User logs can be accessed by entering a users account from the Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Browse List of Users, once you have entered the users account you will find a "Reports" box containing the "All Logs" area.

User Log Graph

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Once you have accessed the "All Logs" area within a users account you will find at the top of the page a chart displaying the amount of times the user has navigated across the site in the form of "Hits", this represents clicking across pages and accessing content for the day the user has logged into the site.

User Log Data

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Just below the chart you will find the logs themselves and be able to identify what a user has accessed and also whether they have completed or Failed specific modules they have accessed, also including if they have logged into the site.

Course logs

How to Access

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The Course Logs can be accessed by heading into any Course on the site either from the Dashboard or from the "Manage Courses & Categories" area, these will allow the Admin to view all interactions for all users within the specific course. These can be found by clicking on the "Cog" in the top-right of the Course and then clicking on the "More..." button at the bottom of the drop-down menu. Once inside the menu you will be able to find the "Reports" area and the "Logs" within.

Site-wide Log Filters (Course Access)

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Once you have clicked into the logs you will be met with a menu bar for filtering specific actions undertaken within the Course and also be able to specifically filter per user, while also being able to change the Course itself. If you click on the users name within the logs you will head to their account for information only relating to the Course that you have accessed initially, this means if you access their logs through the Course logs then you will only see their interaction log information for the Course itself.

Site-wide Logs

How to Access

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The Site-wide Logs allow you to view all of the information generated for every user within every Course on the system by default, this area also allows you to filter for specific Courses, filter for specific Users and also for specific actions under-taken on the system. Please be aware there is no date range for logs, the only option you have available for for specific single days, if you need to search within specific ranges then we recommend downloading all of the information and filtering in Excel. The Site-wide Logs allows you to download the log information, this is the only area that you can export this information and is probably the most useful due to you being able to filter and display specific sets of data to then download.

Site-wide Log Filters

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Once you have accessed the logs for the whole site you will be presented with many filter options and once you have generated some logs you will be able to export this data at the bottom of the page.

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