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User Profile fields


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The User Profile Field area allows you to add new custom fields to your users account to hold information on their account that can be used in many different ways. This varies from optional useful information held on a users account to assist with filtering users within reports or for use within the "Hierarchy" area that manages who managers can report on and also the Course Dispatcher function on the site to distribute Courses to specific groups of users.

Profile Field Categories

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The Profile Fields are split into 3 different areas, each having a different way of interacting with the system in regards to the data held on the users accounts and more can be added if need be for different uses.

Creating New Fields & Categories

Profile Fields

To create a new Profile Field you will need to select the dropdown menu, within the options you will be able to choose from several different Fields to hold your users information on their account by clicking on your choice.


You can create a new Category to house many Profile Fields if you feel you need additional areas to store user information, please be aware only the Hierarchy area and its fields will function for the use of Managers Reporting and the Course Dispatcher.

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