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Add a new user


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The Add a new user area allows you to manually create a new user on the system individually, this can be useful for adding a couple of users at a time, although quite time consuming if you need to add quite a few users often. 

Adding A New User

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To create a new user account on the system you will only need to at the very least to input a "Username", "First name", "Surname", "Email" and "Password".

Additional Profile Fields

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Additional fields for user accounts also exist to allow input of information that can be useful on the users account and also used in different ways on the system itself. The tabs near the bottom; "Additional Names", "Interests", "Optional", "Other Fields", "Hierarchy" and "Permissions" contain the additional information fields for holding the extra information to a users account, we recommend using custom profile fields for holding information on the users account, these can be created and held within the "Other Fields" and "Hierarchy" fields by heading to:

Site Administration > Users > Accounts > Profile Fields

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