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Site Appearance Overview


The Appearance area within the Site Administration allows Logo changes, Theme settings and the RoadMap Login page to be updated and customised for your own organisations personal site, although we do recommend leaving the particular theme as "Boost" for compatibility purposes.


The Logos area allows you to upload 2 logo images that serve 2 different purposes and are displayed in 2 different areas on your site.

Logo - The first logo area manages the logo that appears on your "Site Home" area within the top-centre horizontal card that sits just underneath the top navigation bar.

Compact Logo - This logo is the main logo that appears in the top-left of your site from all pages that is used as a "Home" button to navigate back to the Dashboard from all pages.


The main Theme used for all our hosted sites is the Boost theme, of which is primarily designed to be clean and responsive for use on multiple access devices, including touch devices. We ideally recommend use of this theme to ensure all new functions and features remain compatible for use.

Solutions Article - Boost Theme

RoadMap Login

You will be able to find a area within the Appearance tab containing a area titled "RoadMap Login", within this area you can customise your login page and update specific information presented to your users for login assistance if necessary. Please follow the link provided below to read more within the specific Solutions Article:

Solutions Article - RoadMap Login

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