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RoadMap - Manage Layout

The Manage Layout area allows you to directly control the RoadMap area on the Dashboard, this means you can setup Courses into sections, add banner images and even text areas to assist users with what to do when they have logged into the site.

The area is located within the Site Administration as shown on the image below and can be found by following the directions below.

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This can be managed by heading to:

Site Administration > Courses > RoadMap > Manage Layout

This area will directly influence what is visible to your users, while all changes are completed instantly to your dashboard for everyone who the sections are visible to.

Add a New Section

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The "Add new section" area of the "Manage Layout" allows you to add whole new sections to your dashboard for users to see what Courses you have added within based on the different sections settings that we take a look at below. One analogy for looking at how this area affects the Courses already existing on your site is to imagine the Courses on your site are stored in a stock room and secure and not visible to your users unless you make them available, the "Manage Layout" area is akin to a shop window or a catalogue that you are allowing links for users to view and access the Courses held in the back of your site.

Add A New Section Options

Section Name

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The "Section name" allows you to create a name for the section that will appear on your Dashboard to display your courses, if you are adding a "Image" type section or a "Text" type section we recommend that you leave this blank.

Number of Courses

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The "Number of course" option allows you to dictate how many Courses will be immediately visible within the new section you are creating before the "View All" card appears to direct users to be able to view all of the Courses within a particular section. This means if you have added 4 Courses to a "Course" type section and you select 3 within the Number of courses drop-down selection box then you will see 3 Courses visible and the 4th will automatically become the "View All" card as there are more than 3 Courses within that section. If you selected 4 Courses within the drop-down for your 4 Courses available within the section then you will not see the "View All" card because your settings allow all 4 to be viewed. IF you have more than 8 Courses within a section and you also select 8 within the drop-down, you will see 8 Courses and the "View All" because there are more than the max number that can be displayed.

Order By

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The "Order By" option allows you to dictate the ordering of the Courses that you are adding into the section, this is typically sorted by "Name Ascending", "Name Descending" and "Date Created". If you have a very specific requirement for users to complete Courses in a certain order withing the section then you could add numbers to the Course name so that they appear in order - 1, 2, 3 or A, B, C.


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The "Visibility" option allows you to set who can view the entire section on the Dashboard, this means by default the visibility is set to "Everyone", while you are able to also set sections for only Admins to access and also completely hide sections from the Dashboard that nobody can see.

Content Type

Description Screenshot Content Types
The content type defines the type of information which will be displayed within the section, this could be either course cards, text or images. Please refer to the third tab for a full list of all available options.


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The “Mandatory” option allows you to set courses within key sections to be marked as Mandatory and automatically assigned for all users on the platform, this enables "Negative Reporting" due to reports being generated for all enrolled users which displays their current status within the Courses. This means that the users will be enrolled onto the courses automatically and the platform records that this enrolment is mandatory for them. This means with future functionality notifications, warnings and reports will be based off of this information. We recommend you think about using this section carefully as it will link every user to these Courses and they will be required to complete them.

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