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Badges are used on the a Moodle site to award users with a trophy for completing objectives placed on the badge itself when created, this means by creating and using Badges on your site that you can create a form of gamification and encourage users to aim to achieve different trophy elements created by  a Admin user.

Important Note

Please note that the ideal size for a badge image used is 180x180, they should not exceed this size.

Badge Creation Methods

Description Site-Wide Badges Course Specific Badges
The Badges can be created within 2 locations on a site, both having differing criteria settings that can be applied to the Badges, whilst also only being able to view or manage them from those particular locations.

Badge Creation

Badges can be created very quickly and easily on your site, once you have chosen if you are creating the Badge to be awarded for the whole Course Completion or for specific activities then you can head to the particular area outlined above to create the Badge itself.

Once within the "Add a new Badge" area of either areas you can create Badges you will be prompted to add a name for the Badge, add a image for the Badge (We recommend circular images to look better) and then fill out any other areas you feel will be useful and then save. You will then be able to set the criteria needed for earning the Badge and then you can confirm the Badge to make it live for all of your users.

Important Note

Once a Badge has been created successfully and setup with specific criteria for earning the badge, as well as being made live on the system with users able to earn the Badge, you will be unable to edit or change the criteria required to earn them.

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