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The Site Home area is a additional page that is typically the initial page users access on Moodle sites by default, although for the sites we provide hosting for we divert the users immediately to the Dashboard page to access Courses. This means this page can be used however you wish, as it is technically an additional page that is not being used.

Site Home Button

The "Site Home" Button appears within the Sliding Navigation Drawer and allows user access to the Site Home page area.

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By default the Site Home area will display a full list of every single Course that exists on your site, this however can cause issues due to users being able to potentially access these Courses and possibly completing the wrong Course for their Compliance needs due to all sites being pre-loaded with 2 sets of Courseware that overlap between the most important topic areas. (These are Courses from MicroLearn and Litmos Heroes)

Important Note

We recommend that this area have the Course list removed and then used for supporting purposes for users to access and find valuable information for what they need to do and how to use the system.

Removing The Course List From Site Home

To remove the Course List:

Step 1

Click on the "Cog" icon in the top-right of the page

Step 2
Click on "Edit Settings" within the drop-down menu
Step 3
Scroll down until you see 2 sections called "Front page" and "Front page items when logged in"
Step 4
Change the 2 items called "List of courses" to "None"
Step 5
Save the page

This will then leave the page blank, of which this page acts similar to a Course page itself and can have activities and other supporting information added to it to create a new use for this blank area.

Important Note

This area can have its name changed from "Site Home" to something more suitable if you decide to create it into something new, please contact our Helpdesk by calling or raising a ticket if you would like this to have its name changed.

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