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Admin only - CLC Helpdesk Floating Icon


The CLC Floating Icon will appear for Administrator user only on the Dashboard and provides a quick link to the CLC Helpdesk. This area allows Administrator users to search for solutions using our Solutions Pages or to raise a ticket to our Support Team to be investigated and resolved as soon as possible for any questions or technical issues you may be experiencing.

The Floating Icon

The Icon you see on the left is linked to a specific "Block" that is added onto the Dashboard that sits invisible in the background and generates this particular floating Icon for Administrators only, the block is called "Freshdesk SSO" and can be removed or added at any point if you do not wish to use this particular link.

(For information regarding adding and removing Blocks please refer to the "Blocks" solutions Article) - Blocks Solutions Article Link

Important Note

When using the CLC Floating Link it is important to know that the user who is clicking on the link and heading to our Helpdesk through the use of their Administrator account will have the email address automatically used from the account accessed from, this means if a genuine email address is not used on the Administrator account then you may not ever receive a reply from our Support Team due to the response never able to be delivered.

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