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Top Header Area

Along the top of all Moodle sites you will find the Top Header area, this area has many uses and several icons and user features available by clicking in different places.

Top-Left Logo/Home icon

This will take the user back to the Dashboard by clicking on the Icon.

This Icon/Image can be changed by heading to: Site Administration > Appearance > Logos

Header Navigation Links

These can be added to the Header bar to allow quick links to other locations Internally or Externally of the Moodle site.

To add Navigation Links head to: Site Administration > Appearance > Themes > Theme Settings

To add these in you will need to find the area called: Custom Menu Items

Your links can be created by adding in the Name of the new Navigation link item on the Header bar - for example "New Link"

Then we need to add a Pipe character ( | ) immediately after with no space - "New Link|"

We then need to add the link address - "New Link|"

Once Saved this will then create a new Link within the Header called "New Link" that when a user clicks on this sends them to the address input for the navigation.

Important Note: Please note that some mobile devices will be unable to see links held on the header bar by the screen size limiting the width and visibility of links.

Header Icons

Search Bar and Icon

This Icon will only appear along the Header bar when the Search Feature is enabled on your site.

Please refer to the Search Function information within the Additional Features area if you would like to know more.

Notifications Icon

The Notifications will automatically be sent to users based on other features being setup on the system.

One feature that uses Notifications are the Badges for either sets of Activities or whole Courses being Completed depending on how the Badges have been created and what criteria has been setup for their activation and distribution to users.

Messaging Icon

This area will allow users to check their personal messages received from other users on the system.

The Messages feature has been disabled by default on the sites that we provide, this will need careful consideration if you wish to use this feature as it can become difficult to moderate user interaction on the system as the messages are private. 

User Drop-Down Menu

This area is located in the Top-Right of the site and will contain quick link areas for users on the system when clicking anywhere on the users name, image or pip within the corner.

By default the Drop-Down menu contains these areas below:

Dashboard - This is another quick link back to the users Dashboard area to allow accessing other Courses.

Profile - This area has many areas containing individuals user information held on the system, personal learning history, badges, and user log data, among many other areas.

Grades - This area is within the menu by default and may or may not be suitable depending on how you are setting up your system for use. The Grades area is primarily used within more complex Course types that allow for manual grading of coursework submissions or setting up Letter Scales, such as A*, A, B among others. 

(We typically recommend removing this from the Drop-Down area to not cause confusion due to not being used with SCORM, Quiz or Face to Face type activities by default)

Messages - This area will allow a user to quickly navigate to a full-screen messaging area.

(We typically recommend removing this from the Drop-Down area to not cause confusion if the messaging system is not being used on the site)

Preferences - This area will allow a user to see their current account setup preferences, standard users will have limited access to make certain changes.

(We typically recommend removing this from the Drop-Down area to not cause confusion as users have very little control over their accounts and to improve simplicity for their use)

Log Out - This will allow a user to logout of the system.

Switch Role to... - This can only be used by a System Admin and will allow a role change to view the site how a standard user would if needing to test or view new content.

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