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Courses Overview


RoadMap is made up of a series of courses which are then passed onto users via the Dashboard Page. These courses can contain various learning activities to be completed by your learners, and can be created or edited by site administrators to suit individual organisational needs or stylings.

Common Activities:

There are many activities available on RoadMap. Below are 5 of the Key activities that you will use.

Click on each to see how to create the activity on your course page:


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The Quiz activity can be used to question users about their learning based on other content. You are also able to use HTML to enable you to include into the questions themselves.


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The Face-to-Face activity is used to track learning interactions that are not hosted on the platform itself such as Group Meetings, One on One's, or Video Calls.


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The Feedback activity can be used to gather feedback from learners about their experience or to confirm that they have read and understood a particular document.


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The Label resource can be used to hold text, image, or videos, and is generally used to make a course page more attractive and engaging for a user.

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