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Reporting - An Introduction

Your platform has a powerful reporting tool called Report Builder included.

Report Builder gives you and your managers the ability to setup many different reports which can provide the information they require.

Report Builder is available under "Reporting" in Site Administration. To create a report you must select the name, it's visibility and it's source.

ScreenshotName Visibility Sources


If you're a Site Administrator you will be able to see reports for all learning history for all users on the platform. If you are a manager with Hierarchies configured you will only see the learners within your area

Types of Sources


Badges are a popular method of gamification which signify the completion of something either Course level or Site level.

Course Completion
Course Completion is the accumulated status of multiple activities within a course. This is the most commonly used source for compliance, learning history and used by most members.
Course List
This report displays a list of all courses which are on the platform and contains no user information.
Face-to-face sessions
Face to Face activity modules track attendance of a physical or virtual classroom exercise.
This report focuses exclusively on Quiz activity modules, which are an element within a course. This is good to see if people passed or failed a specific quiz activity.
RoadMap Replay
This report type is different than most, rather than displaying all learning history it provides one user per one course, which provides the current status on a course expected to be completed periodically. Their current status, their last completion time and when they are due to complete it next.
This report focuses exclusively on SCORM activity modules learning history, such as if a user completed, passed or failed a SCORM, how long they spent on it and if they had a score what score they were awarded.
This report displays a list of all SCORM activity modules which are on the platform and contains no user information.


There are three permissions in Report Builder which change how a user is able to interact with the tool:

Manage Personal Reports, Manage Global Reports, Manage Reports


This permission is required for a user to Create, Modify and Delete reports in the "Your Reports" section, these reports are only visible to yourself but can be accessed via direct link by anyone with the Manage Reports permission.

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