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Updating your Boost Theme

To update your boost theme, please follow the below instructions:

  1. If not already in place, please request the RoadMap SCSS file from your account manager or the Helpdesk.
  2. Upload RoadMap SCSS file to your platform.
    • Go to Site Administration
    • Go to Appearance
    • Go to Themes
    • Go to Boost
    • Add the RoadMap.SCSS file to “Additional theme preset files”
    • Save the settings.
    • Go to Theme Preset and select "RoadMap.SCSS"
    • Save the settings.
  3. Personalise your theme.
    • Go to Advanced Settings.
    • Copy the below into Raw Initial SCSS:
      • $banner-color:             #6caedf;
        $banner-text: #FFF;

        $roadmap-primary: #6caedf;
         $roadmap-secondary:        #f92c8b;
    • Change the Hex Codes to your branding.
    • Click save.
  4. Set Boost to your user.
    • Ensure “User Themes” is ticked in Theme Settings.
    • Go to Your Profile
    • Edit Your Profile
    • Set Boost as your preferred theme
  5. Set Boost for all users.
    • Go to Site Administration
    • Go to Themes
    • Go To Theme Selector
    • Select Boost as “Default”
    • Ignore the other sections as Boost is responsive (it works on all displays already).

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