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Changing the Welcome Email Message


When you create a new user as a site administrator either by "Adding new user" or "Bulk Upload" or if you are using an external CSV data sync, you are able to customise the default welcome email which provides the user with their password and instructions on how to access the platform. It is important to keep this information clear and concise so the recipient trusts the email and is able to find the information they require. 

Step 1

Go to Site Administration

Step 2
Go to Lanuage
Step 3
Go to Language Customisation
Step 4

Select your relevant language pack.

Step 5

Select "Open language pack for editing" and allow to load.

Step 6

Click "Continue".

Step 7

Select "moodle.php" and type "newusernewpasswordtext" into the String identifier

Step 8

Enter new welcome message to be sent out with the new user password message, in the Local Customisation box.

Step 9

Click "Save changes to language pack.

Step 10

Click "Continue".

You may use the following Placeholders: 

{$a->firstname}The First Name of the newly created user.
{$a->sitename}The Site Name of your LMS.
{$a->username}The Username for the newly created user.
{$a->newpassword}The Randomly generated password of the newly created user.
{$a->link}The URL Address of your LMS.
{$a->signoff}The Support Contact name for your LMS.

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