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Roadmap Login


Roadmap login adheres to the design in the image below which sets the standard for login pages going forward. Whilst you can customise and change aesthetic to match your branding, it will need to adhere to this standard if you choose to create a login page using this plugin.

RoadMap Login Rules

To see and make changes to the login page you will need to go to Site Administration > Appearance > RoadMap Login > Login Rules > This page will allow you to set a series of "Rules" which determine how and when a particular Login page will be displayed. Select Add New


Rule Name

This is the name of the rule which will be displayed in the list of created rules.

Start Date/ End Date
From here you can control the dates that the changes made will be displayed. For example you could set your login page to change based on the seasons
This enables the Start Date/ End Date
This will set the rule as the default option for your login page, if nothing else is set up to change

General Settings


This will be the title as it appears in the tab at the top of your browser just above the search bar. E.g this page is titled "Roadmap Login: Charity Learning"

Background Colour
This is a block colour that will fill the screen behind the login box, this will need to be imputted at a Hex or RGB code.
Primary Colour
This will be the colour of the text that is typed into the box, it will automatically be set to black.
Login Button Colour
This is the colour of the Login Button located below the the email and password boxes.
Text Below Line/ Email
This will give you a small amount of space, below the line at the bottom of the login box, for providing your own IT or HR team for your users to contact if there is a login issue. E.g "For any issue please contact
Self Registration
The text that will be used as a link to the self registration service . Leave this blank if you do not use self registration.

Office 365

Extra Information

If you're not usisng Office 365 authentication for your login, do not touch the below options.

Text Above Login

This is a small piece of text that will show if you're using the Office 365 login. E.g "Login with your Office365 credentials. This will be the same as your Email sign in options."

Enable Office 365
Tick this checkbox if your site uses Office 365 to log in.
Manual Account Link
The text that will display below the office 365 button, and is used as a link to the manual login form. - THIS MUST BE INCLUDED FOR CLC ADMINS TO GAIN ACCESS TO YOUR SITE E.g "Using a manual account? Click here


Extra Information

None of the below images will be displayed in the preview unless saved.

Background Image

If a background picture is uploaded it will overwrite the background colour and display the image behind the login container.

Upload to display a logo at the top of the login container.
Upload an image to display at the bottom of the login container.

Advanced Settings

Border Radius

The curve of the corner of the login container. Recommended setting: 10px

Box Shadow
Defines the shadow on the login container.  Recommended setting: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.20)
Container Background Colour
The background colour of the login container.
Input Box Underline
The colour of the line displayed under the input box when focused.
Break Line Colour
The colour of the horizontal line below the login button.
Display Logo Above Container
If ticked the uploaded logo will be displayed above the login container.
User Placeholder
The text displayed in the username input box when no text has been entered.
Password Placeholder
The text displayed in the password input box when no text has been entered.
Additional CSS
This allows for custom CSS to be added to the site , it is of utmost important that text entered here applies to CSS standards otherwise it could break the display of the created login page. Recommended Setting: Leave blank

 Older Format Switching to RoadMap Login

If you are moving to Roadmap Login from an older format to display the login page when created you will need to change the Alternate Login url to /local/roadmaplogin/login.php This can be found at Site Administration > Plugins > Authentication > Manage Authentication

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