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Changing Course Card Images.

RoadMap Course Cards will attempt to resize automatically but a perfect course card will have the aspect ratio 14:5 (such as 280px by 100px or 560px by 200px).

Changing course card images very quickly enables you to personalise your platform and help your users feel 'at home' with a platform which represents the organisations brand and values. This helps with engagement, trust and adoption of the platform.

Using course card images can also influence the users perception of a course. By keeping similar courses images in a similar style will unify the experience and make users feel that sections are tightly grouped together, this encourages users to continue their development after they complete the initial course.

You can manage the images for each course from within the course page. You will want to "Edit Settings" of the course which is present on the Course Administration menu. 

Depending on your theme this will either be:

Aardvark: On the left hand side above the Site Administration Menu. 
Boost: It will be in the cog dropdown menu on the top right. 

In the "Description" sub section you will see "Course Summary Files" with a file upload box. Click on the existing image and press Delete. Then you can drag and drop the new image into the area.

Once you have uploaded your new image click the "Save and display" button at the bottom of the page. The change will take effect immediately.

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