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Creating an Organisation and Distributing Content

In this walkthrough we will Create an Organisation. A Lead Contact for that organisation and then create an undocumented invoice which will provide licenses to that organisation. We will then distribute the licenses we have provided.

We start by going to manage organisations either through the quick links or via the administration panel Users -> Manage Organisations.

Once on the Manage Organisations page we press "Add Organisation" On the top right of the table.

We then are given the Add Organisation screen which we enter the information for the organisation.

Once completed we return to the Manage Organisations table and search for the new organisation! We then use the actions section to view the details of that organisation.

When creating a new organisation you will not see any user information or a lead contact. We need to create a contact first by clicking view all users.

On the top right there will be two options Bulk Upload Users or Add User. For now we'll add a user as we just want to create the lead contact.

We then using the breadcrumbs go back to Managing the Organisation and click "edit profile" and select the user in the dropdown and click save.

We now have an organisation with a primary contact. We can either upload more users to the organisation or create an invoice. We'll start by adding more users.

We again click View All Users but this time we will use the bulk upload tool! Same as before we click "View All Users" and on the top right corner we select Bulk User Upload.

From here we can upload users using the provided example as a download. Then upload them and wait for the accounts to be created.

Now we have a few users and the organisation is all setup we can create a manual invoice. As they've already paid for this we will create an undocumented invoice so they don't get any surprises when we create a paper trail. Undocumented basically just hides any invoices or charges to the customer, but still works for our record keeping!

Manual Invoice

We select Billing -> Manage Manual Invoices, taking us to the ordering page.

From here we can type large quantities directly in the box (where the number is) or we can use the (+/-) icons to increase or decrease the number of licenses issued.

Then we view the summary tab.

On the summary tab we can add discounts or continue to the confirm order tab. We select the customer (Individuals = users name, organisation = Organisation name - (lead contact). We will select undocumented so it is hidden, however we can select manual which the user will be able to see. If manual is selected when viewing an invoice a customer can pay via PayPal or an admin can mark it as paid.

As we have created this order for the customer we may want to distribute their course for them. To do this we go back to Manage Organisation -> Edit Action button and then click "View All Licenses".

From here we click "Distribute" on the right hand side of the invoice we have just created.

On the distribute screen you will be able to mass or individually assign licenses to learners which will immediately take effect. 

This completes setting up an organisation.

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