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Creating & Managing Packages.

In your admin panel you will navigate to Settings -> Manage Packages.

From here you will see all your packages which exist, with information in a searchable table. You can edit or delete any package from the actions on the right of each row. To Add a new package you click the button top right of the table.

When adding or editing a package you will be asked to provide five pieces of information. The Package Name which will appear on any invoices, carts or licenses. You will also be asked to provide a description which will need to make sense to yourself and your potential customers. The price per user which can be £0. Visibility controls whether it appears on the homepage or the in the ordering page, you may wish to leave packages hidden if you plan on creating packages for particular customers which you will create an invoice specifically for them. Finally the "Moodle Store ID" is the ID number from "RoadMap Store's Package Manager" Within your Moodle Platform (Site Administration -> Courses -> RoadMap Store -> Package Manager).

Above an image of RoadMap Store's Package manager for the store.

Above an image of RoadMap Store's Package Manager inside Moodle. From here you define in Moodle the package and it's contents and use the ID to link to the webstore.

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