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Your Dashboard.

Your Dashboard contains an overview of quick information and links which can help you see what's going on at a glance.

Although "Rows and Columns" may change placing depending on the size of your screen we have two sections currently. The first "row" has what we define as "critical" - the information which really matters. The monthly sales and the number of outstanding orders. Links to create an order and to manage your customers.

The second row we call "interesting" - this information is not presented for any action but just some things which are good to know such as:

Online Orders: The number of invoices on the platform which have been processed through PayPal.

Individuals: The number of users on the platform who are registered as individuals.

Largest Organisation: This shows you your largest customer, as a percentage of your entire user base.

Completed Orders: The number of orders which are completed, paid and delivered.

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