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User Enrolment: Automatic and Manual

When a user is on their RoadMap dashboard, they will see multiple course cards, with a call to action "Enrol in Course". Clicking this button will attempt to silently enrol the user into the course and redirecting them to the course. However, if RoadMap could not silently enrol the user it will return to Moodle's default enrolment page the user would see. This happens to ensure that if the user cannot enrol they are given the information Moodle needed to give them, additionally it means that if the course has not been configured correctly they may still be able to enrol.

If the Moodle Enrolment screen consistently appears this suggests that there is a configuration issue with the enrolment options on the course. More detail about this is available after the course card image.

Reasons why course cards may not be able to silently enrol:

  • Self Enrolment is not currently available on the course. This can be checked by going to the Course page, Course Administration > Users > Enrolment Methods
  • Self Enrolment requests an enrolment key. This requires input from the user.
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