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Manage Section: Course Dispatcher


Course dispatcher allows for you to give a course to a user based on information contained within their hierarchy fields. If the user matches the conditions then they will be presented a specific course. For example, we could create a rule that means every user with the value of 'Charity Learning Consortium' in their 'Organisation' profile field, would be able to see the 'Induction Course' on their own dashboard. Anyone without this value, in the same field, would not be able to see this course.


To begin setup of your course dispatcher section, navigate to; Site Administration > Courses > RoadMap > Manage Layout, find your course dispatcher section and select the option of 'Course Dispatcher'

If you have not yet created a course dispatcher section: Click Here

When setting up a rule, there are 3 aspects:

  • Section name - This field is only visible within this area. We therefore suggest that you give it a name that describes the purpose of the rule.
  • Hierarchy Tags - This field determines the tags which are required to be assigned to a user in order for the course to display in the section.
  • Course - This field selects the course which should be displayed if the conditions are met.

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