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RoadMap - Manage Layout


The RoadMap Dashboard is highly configurable. As default all sites will come with the same structure, which for some members will be perfect - For others wishing to add content, restructure and personalise, the Manage Layout section is key.

Manage Layout

Link: Site Administration > Courses > RoadMap > Manage Layout

The manage layout screen will give you a simplified version of your dashboard for editing - it will remove the content inside each section to keep the page manageable and readable. To add a new section the button will be on the top right of the page. To Delete a section the button will be on the top right of the section at the same level as the title. Deleting a section will delete any course dispatcher rules or text inside.

When creating a new section you will be presented with a form with a few sections:

  • Section Name - the title for the section you wish to display (This can be blank).
  • Number of courses - This shows how many courses you would like to display (1-8) before showing a View All button.
  • Order By - For course type sections you can choose the order the courses present in, Name ASC, Name DESC and Release Date.
  • Visibility - You can choose whether each section is visible to everybody, just administrators, or completely hidden from everybody. (If there is no content for a user the section will automatically hide).
  • Content Type - Choosing Course, My Learning, Course Dispatcher or Text. (See 'Manage Section' Guides)

You can edit these at anytime by clicking "Manage Section Settings".

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