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RoadMap Tracking

Menu: Site Administration > Reports > RoadMap

RoadMap Tracking is a reporting tool which will provide a quick overview of learners progress on a course. RoadMap Tracking will for managers show their learners. For site administrators it will show every user who has not been suspended or deleted.

Tracking Layouts

As default every organisation will have a “default layout”. The default layout will reflect your RoadMap dashboard. It is also possible to create a new Layout. Managers will be able to create new layouts which will only be visible to them under “My Layouts”, this case would be ideal for if you have managers interested specifically in Health and Safety or New Starters. Site administrators can also create “Public Layouts” these layouts can be seen by any manager or site administrator (but can only be edited by site administrators). Public Layouts would be used if the site administrator needed to create a default “Core Learning” for all managers or similar.

Default Layout

The Default layout is available to all administrators and managers, it will reflect the same structure as your main RoadMap dashboard (without the My Learning and Text sections). The ability to hide courses without completions will be on the top right hand corner below the user menu dropdown.

Public Layouts

As an administrator it is possible to create public layouts. Public layouts are viewable by any administrator or manager. For managers they can view this layout and hide courses without completions but cannot modify this. Any Administrator can use the additional button on the top right “modify” to change the visible sections or delete the layout permanently. There are no limits to public layouts.

My Layouts

As a manager or administrator it is possible to create private layouts. Private layouts will enable the user to see sections most relevant to them, there are no limits to private layouts or the ability to view another individual's layout.

Creating New Layout

The "Create New" button is located on the top right of the RoadMap Tracking Overview. Clicking on this will open a form. The form has two or three options.
  • Layout Name - A place to give a descriptive name to the new layout.
  • Is Public? - Only available to administrators giving the ability to "pin" this layout format for all managers/administrators (Managers will still be restricted to their learners).
  • Sections - A Multi-Select option to add the sections which should be displayed on this layout.

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