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Section Types

General Section Settings

Section Name:

Each section type can display different things. For all each section you can provide it with a name. This will allow your users to understand what the content within that section is for.


You can also select who can view the section. As default the selected visibility will be Everyone. This is what most people will want to select, however if you are creating new sections you wish to test you can choose to display only to administrators. The third option is to hide it completely by selecting hidden. You may wish to do this to keep your screen clear when you are not developing new sections.

Display Courses:

You can choose which courses to display. You can select enrolled courses or all courses in the section. We would recommend showing all courses in the section as this will enable users to see all courses in the section and they can enrol automatically when they go to enter the course. However there may be rare occasions when you only wish to display courses users are already enrolled in. However if you require this Hierarchy Assign sections may be more beneficial for you.

Number Of Courses:

In the event you have twenty course cards in each section, it would be very confusing and daunting for your learners. As such the RoadMap dashboard will allow you to display a number of courses, if there are any more to display it will create a “more” card, which will take the learner to a new screen where they can view the one section in full.

Order By:

For sections which display courses, it will offer you your choice in what order to display courses. This will not work for ‘my learning’, ‘text’ or ‘hierarchy assign’.

Content Type:

There are four different types of sections. Each of which have their own characteristics which you can find out more about in the next section.


Each course section will display a card for each course in the section. The course ‘cards’ can be customised by changing the image, description and name of the course. There are default images which can be set in the plugins settings to set a ‘default’ image in the event the course does not have one specifically requested.


The text section can contain Text or HTML using the WYSIWYG visual editor. You can include any content you wish to here.

My Learning

The my learning sections will display the most recent learning possible. This will get a number of courses that have already been started by the learner. It will attempt to get a number of courses that have been started but not completed, if it cannot find any, it will get courses which have been started but are showing as completed. If it cannot find any it will find any which the user is enrolled in. If in the case these two fallbacks fail it will display the message “Your learning will appear here as you progress” or similar.

Course Dispatcher (Hierarchy Tag Course Assignment)

The course dispatcher section type is likely to be the most powerful asset in this feature. This system will be able to assign content through a variety of criteria from your hierarchy system to assign content for a user. As an example, you could in a section called “induction” give everybody in “Region: England” Data Protection training and additionally give everybody with “Region: England AND Department: Finance” Money Handling training. This will give you role based assignment and region based department. It will provide the most dynamic way to assign courses to users available in Moodle.

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