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Dashboard (Learner’s View)

The RoadMap Dashboard is designed to be the default homepage for all courses. Each section contains course cards. Each section has a title section and then immediately bellow the section’s content. There are four types of sections, Courses, Course Dispatcher, My Learning (Continue learning) and Text. There is further information about each section in the documentation.  For sections with courses, courses are displayed on Course Cards. Each course card has 5 sections. A Cover photo, the course title, followed by the date the course was created and a description. Finally along the bottom of the card is a green bar. Initially users will not be enrolled in a course, meaning the green bar provides the text “Enrol In Course” and any learner will be able to enrol themselves to the course. Once they have done this the text will change to “Not Started” until the user begins to progress through the course. As the learner completes resources/modules a progress bar will appear tracking their progress throughout the course until they complete the course when the user will receive the visual feedback of “Completed” on the button with the ability to re-access the course for review purposes. In the event course completions are not enabled on the course there will be visual feedback explaining this preventing learner confusion “Tracking Not Available”.

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