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Using your own domain

Most organisations have a strong "Digital Presence". Meaning they proudly occupy their part of the internet and ensure all their resources are contained within. As an example The Charity Learning Consortium's website is

As part of our digital presence we use subdomains to brand our SAAS subscriptions and additional services:

  • Status Page - (instead of
  • Updates / Release Notes - (
  • Uptime Monitor - (instead of
  • Support platform: (instead of
  • Demo platform: (instead of

As you can see using your own domain and subdomains gives stronger branding to your services and increases your Web/Digital Presence. If this is something which is important to your organisation it is possible to use your own domain.

Using a Vanity Domain incurs an annual administration cost which covers configuring the platform, obtaining an SSL, configuring a load balancer and assisting you with the migration from the old subdomain to your vanity domain. 

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