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Synchronising Permissions

Utilising the role sync tool within RoadMap you are able to automatically assign permissions direct from the User's Profile Field information.

Once you have created a "Profile Field Category" called "Permissions" you can add checkboxes such as 'ismanager'. It is important to lock this field so a user cannot make themselves a manager. Once setup in the profile field area you can create 'sync relationships'. What this will do is this will let Moodle know what one of your profile fields relates to which role within Moodle. You can now automate any role within Moodle except Admin for security reasons.

In order to create a sync relationship you will need to go to: Site Administration > Users > Hierarchies > Role Sync.

In the middle of the page you will see the sync settings. It will show you all possible Moodle roles available, on the right hand side you will have a drop down of any profile fields you are able to sync with. Once you select a profile field from the drop down it will automatically update this. The next time the user logs in they will automatically be promoted to this new role and the process will be complete.

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