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Setting Up For a Profile Field Sync

Hierarchies is designed to integrate with your existing structure and existing data in profile fields as easily as possible. To see the fields we currently hold for you visit Site administration > Users > Accounts > User profile fields.

Here you can see a list of all the fields we hold for you in each category.

You may need to make two new categories, the first is called "Hierarchy" the second category is called "Permissions". These two are very important, this is where we get the information to sync into the system for you.

Inside the Hierarchy category each field will be treated as its own tag category, as an example a field may be called location and then users would have the data "London, Reading, Swindon, Bristol or Cardiff". 

You can sync as many fields as you want but we recommend keeping this to reflect a genuine organisational hierarchy or keeping it as simple as possible to keep it manageable. We found when scoping the worlds largest organisations can be split down to 6-8 different categories, however the system can take as many as you need.

The second category called Permissions, is where you can create check boxes for permissions or Moodle roles. You can synchronise automatically any role other than Admin through our tool. Once you have created the profile field you will need to head over to the role sync setup page (Site administration > Users > Hierarchies > Sync Settings > Role Sync Setup). From here you can see Moodles' available roles on the left and on the right you will see a drop down of any profile fields you can synchronise with.

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